Op 18 november wordt om 16.00 uur een meeting georganiseerd door SKOV mmv. NN:
Farmer managed irrigation in sub-saharan Africa

About the seminar
Over the decades there has been a lot of research on large-scale irrigation, but much less is known about how rural communities and small producers themselves take initiatives to irrigate their crops and achieve joint water management. Three scientists will lecture about their research and experiences in this field: 
  • dr ir Barbara van Koppen, principal researcher at IWMI in South Africa on poverty, gender and water. She leads research on community-driven water service delivery and water policies reform, also from a human rights perspective. 
  • dr Hans Komakech, Center Director of “ WISE – Futures”,  and Senior Lecturer at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Arusha. He is the specialist in Africa in the field of customary water tenure and farmer managed irrigation development. 
  • dr Gert Jan Veldwisch, senior researcher and lecturer at WUR. His research focuses on the practice and policy of water management for agricultural use, including participatory irrigation development, agrarian changes, water grabbing and water justice.
Whether it will be a physical or an online event is not yet predictable. You will be informed in due time.

Information about registration for this event will follow soon.