Four successful women sharing their story to inspire you! And a fifth woman will inspire you with a ‘negotiation skills’ workshop. Please come and join us to be inspired by other women!

How do other female engineers shape their careers and how do they realize their plans? Do you want to hear inspiring stories about getting a job after your studies? Do you want to discuss with other ladies about how it is to work in the world of science and do you want to follow a nice practical workshop about this? Then you may not miss Women in Science at the 10th of March!Four successful ladies will give their vision on realizing successes and career plans in this traditional ‘man world’.      
There will also be a workshop 'Negotiation Skills' by dr. Aldis Sigurdardottir, CEO House of Consulting and assistant professor UT.

Did you know that women (average) expect 30% less salaries after graduation than men? Did you know that women receive about 30% less salaries than men? Did you know that women are not worse negotiators than men but yet they still manage to stay under most of the time? By attending this workshop, you will get the tools that will help you to get more of what you want and test how your negotiation skills are. This workshop will provide you with the fundamental basic knowledge of negotiations as what is negotiation and how to deal with difficult people. Know how to become a great negotiator!

Date: Tuesday 10 March 2020
Time: 16:00h – 20:00h
Location: The Gallery (UT), Hengelosestraat 500, 7521 AN Enschede

Costs: € 5,00 for KIVI members and students, € 10,00 for UT employees and € 25,00 for others.
This event will be organized by KIVI Network Female Engineers in cooperation with KIVI Students Twente and is powered by Novel-T, The ChainCompany, ASML and Shell.
Registration via the KIVI website
Come and be inspired!

More information:
Women in Science: Inspiration for your career!.pdf