Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the VWI Symposium 2016 introduce themselves:

Amrieta Ramjanam, 53, born in Paramaribo, Surinam. Amrieta RanjanamMoved back to Wageningen with her family in 2005, after she had worked in their fish farm. She has studied in Wageningen Aquaculture and International Development (Communication, Administration and Technique). Currently she is a stay at home mum of 5 children and just finished her training as a receptionist.

Marta Eggers, 32 born in Warszawa (Poland). She has MSc in Development and Rural Innovation Marta Eggersand in Forestry and Nature conservation. She studied at Wageningen University where she now works as Manager Green Office Wageningen. She has great passion for sustainability, diversity and women empowerment. She wants to make world a better place for everyone.

Marga Janse, 46 born in Elburg (NL). She has a Bch in Communication, over 20 years work experience as an innovative project manager / advisor /coach and communication professional. She has a background in (marketing) Marga Jansecommunication with international companies in NL and over a decade as a Development Advisor in Behaviour Change Communication HIV & AIDS and Gender in Sub Sahara Africa. Currently she is self-employed as a job coach for Wageningen Municipality and in the process of developing strategic organisation, – and communication services for projects, startups and companies in the area of  sustainable development. For more info linkedin/margajanse.

Saskia WantiaSaskia Wantia, 37, born in Rekken (NL). She has a Msc in Agricultural Engineering from Wageningen (class of 1997). She has over 10 years experience as an consultant in the energy sector, working with end users (businesses) on energy management and monitoring to reach their sustainability goals and other parties within the energy supply chain to optimize their processes. She wants to contribute to the energy transition as part of a sustainable living environment for everyone.

Jutta WirthJutta Wirth, biologist, has been living in Wageningen since 2008 with her family. She presently has her own business Biobioseminars and is active in different groups dealing with innovative techniques, for example FabLab Wageningen ( and Wageningen Academy (

Why we have joined the Symposium Committee

Amrieta: ‘I joined the VWI symposium committee, because I like helping/supporting  women to pursue their dreams and become happy/divine beings.’

Marta: ‘This year I have joined VWI- network to mingle with other entrepreneurial and inspiring women. Organizing VWI symposium is great opportunity to meet fascinating people, learn and try out new things and make good ideas a reality. I am really excited about our speakers selection this year- I am looking forward to hear their stories and meet more VWI members and other ambitious women!’

Marga: ‘I have a great passion for women empowerment and I love organising events and as I have just returned to NL from Africa, i saw this as a great opportunity to land again. And with the theme  Explore & Connect the ideas starting flowing ride away! I am looking forward to 5 November,  it will be an experience with great impact I am sure.’

Saskia: ‘I joined the VWI symposium committee to broaden my horizon. Working often in more male dominated fields it is interesting and refreshing to be joining forces with a group of women to work on a project.’

Jutta: ‘To escape my daily routine and to take a deeper look at women and their careers, participating in the planning of the VWI Symposium, is an exciting and demanding activity. In other words an exciting journey which takes me to stories of other women.’

VWI Sympcie 2016

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