Grab Your Chance

140117 VWI 25 jaarUnder the theme “Grab Your Chance” VWI has organized in 2013 and 2014 a series of activities and meetings to raise more awareness for gender equality and to stimulate Wageningen University and Research centre (Wageningen UR) and it’s employees (male & female) to create better opportunities for female talent. VWI wanted to challenge Wageningen UR to show that she really cares about quality of life!

At the Kick-off Meeting on the 16th of January 2013, Christine Verheijden presented the report ‘Chances for Female Talent’ and the Rector Magnificus prof. dr. Martin Kropff gave his preliminary plans, three more debates took place. See the presentations and the photo’s of this meeting.

13th of June 2013 Queen’s Palace
(dinner for leading ladies, public debate) Impression of the event

3rd of October 2013 King’s Castle
(dinner for leading lords, public debate) Impression of the event and photo’s.

17th of January 2014 Queens & Kings Get ToGetHer
(presentations, public debate) Impression of the event

Other actions

In February-March 2013 VWI has been nominated for the Women Inc. Cordaid Stimuleringsprijs 2013, a national award for projects initiated by and for women. The Grab Your Chance project was the main reason for this nomination, because this project draws attention to the fact that Wageningen UR has less than 10% female chair holders. As a result of this nomination 40 VWI-members have received the Women Inc membership as a gift.

To remind the Wageningen UR- community on a daily basis about the importance to take into account the role of women at Wageningen University, the VWI closed this Grab Your Chance project with the donation of a sculpture of a woman. This sculpture names ‘Take my knowledge’ is revealed during the anniversary closing party.

For all activities under ‘Grab your Chance!’ English is the main language, because of the international environment at Wageningen UR and the importance of this subject for all employees.

On a regular basis VWI published newsletters and other information. Read more about these here.

Several publications result from this theme. Click here to read more.






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