Welcome to the website of VWI. We are the Network for Wageningen University Alumni Women (Vrouwennetwerk Wageningse Ingenieurs) with around 450 members. In this Network we aim to stimulate the professional development and personal growth of our members. The Network connects the strength of women, with a BSc, MSc or PhD degree, who feel committed to the life sciences.

What do we do?

The Network stimulates opportunities for women to connect and to exchange information and experiences. In this way, our members can develop themselves, in their professional as well as in their personal life. National meetings, such as the annual symposium, workshops and social network events are organised several times each year. Furthermore, regional departments and special topic groups in the Netherlands organise meetings and excursions for women in these sub groups.

Who are we?

The Network is an association that exists thanks to the active participation of volunteers. On a national level we have a board of directors. The VWI network is a sub-group of KLV Wageningen Alumni Network, the largest organisation for Wageningen University alumni. KLV assists the VWI network with the execution of several tasks. VWI network is structured in the form of regional departments and special topic groups. Next to that, ad hoc task forces are formed for e.g. the organisation of the symposium or maintanance of the website.

Communication with the members occurs mainly through the digital Newsletter (VWI Flits) & this website (www.vwi-netwerk.nl). VWI is active as a LinkedIn group. By using the website and social media, members can connect, discuss and exchange information.

Who can become a member?

Most of our members have an MSc or PhD degree of Wageningen University. However, the Network is open to all women who feel committed to the life sciences. VWI, is thé network to support women with ambition!

English and Dutch

At the moment, the language for the website and several meetings is Dutch. However, all of our members are fluent in English. We are looking for volunteers to join us and e.g. start a subgroup for international members. If you are interested, please contact us; we would like to support you. You can contact our VWI office (Janna van Hoek) for more information on joining the VWI Network.

The VWI Board of Directors (2016): Toos van Oers (Chair), Riti Herman Mostert (Secretary), Frida Steenblik (Treasurer), Christine Verheijden, Tamar Reijnen en Gaby Jansen.

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